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Pools and Spas

As of December 2008 we have become a San Juan pools & spas dealer/installer. There are over 640 dealers in the nation but none between Denver and Topeka, until now...

High-quality fiberglass pools by San Juan Products are in a league of their own when it comes to providing the pool-buying public with value and quality. With San Juan Products, there's never any room for compromise on quality. All San Juan fiberglass pools are manufactured in a controlled factory environment under strict supervision, resulting in a predictable high-quality product right down to the tile and accessory installations.  "An unyielding commitment to quality has been San Juan's stock in trade ever since we produced our first fiberglass pool back in 1985. As a matter of fact, our first pool is still in use, looking as a good today as the day it left the factory. It's a monument to the enduring quality of out product," says Kirk Sullivan, president.  San Juan's emphasis on total quality and customer service is well documented and one of the factors that contributed to the induction of the company's late founder, George Sullivan, into the "Pool Hall of Fame." Today, more than ever before, busy people are looking for ways to upgrade the value of their home and enjoy more family fun time.  There is a large selection of models available to fit your backyard.

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